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Learning and Development


At Llanover Day Nursery, we provide children with an exciting and stimulating learning environment. We understand that children grow and develop at different rates, and we support them with activities to help them reach that next milestone. Each child has an individual developmental record filled with photos and examples of their learning, a beautiful record of their time at nursery. 

Learning through play is the foundation of everything we do at Llanover Day Nursery. This means allowing children the freedom to explore the world around them. We provide lots of opportunities for sensory activities (otherwise known as messy play!), playing outdoors, toys and equipment that the children can choose themselves.
































Our staff regularly use incidental Welsh and sing songs in Welsh throughout the nursery. Once the children move on to the Ladybird room, they are encouraged to answer the register in Welsh and use simple Welsh phrases.


Learning activities are planned carefully and vary throughout the day, so there's always something new and exciting to do. These include arts and crafts projects, music, dance and singing, drama and role play, puppets and more. For children over 2, every day there will be story and reading activities, mark-making (first steps in writing) and some early Maths (measuring sand or water in different size containers, sorting objects by colour or size, counting etc).
















Our pre-school helps to prepare your child for their next big adventure, starting Primary School. Our experienced staff introduce a range of activities following the Foundation Phase curriculum, which is used in primary schools throughout Wales. For more information on this, read our article on the different areas of learning here.




"Inspiring young minds"

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