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Supporting Children's Language Development 


Helping children to learn to speak, begin to form sentences and express themselves is one of our most exciting and important challenges at Llanover Day Nursery. Our experienced and well-qualified staff have contributed some thoughts on how time at a nursery can help your child's language development.


"In my experience, children learn best from other children. A nursery is a great environment for young children to regularly see and hear other children speaking. It is natural for them to want to copy each other too, so if your little on isn't speaking much at home, some time at nursery might be just the boost they need."


"Young children are like sponges. They soak up everything that goes on around them, and nurseries are a fantastic, stimulating environment for them to be in. At home, it might just be you and your little one, but at nursery there will be lots of other children and adults to listen to and learn from."


"At Nursery we have lots of toys, resources and equipment that promote language skills. We have role-play toys, small world toys, all different kinds of books, puppets and games- probably much more than it would be possible to store at home!"


"Part of our training as Nursery Nurses includes improving children's language skills. During my Level 5 course, I had to plan lessons for teaching children through activities and songs, which were observed by my course tutor. The Nursery owner, Rachel Withey, is a qualified Primary School teacher, so she always has lots of great ideas to support children's learning."


"Some of the activities we use to promote language development in the Butterfly Room (children age 16 months- 2 and a half years) include songs, puppet shows, reading stories and our role-play corner. We also start to use some Welsh language with the children, so that they can experience both languages, just as they will at Primary School."


"Our outdoor play areas are another great resource in supporting children's language development. In our Forest School, children can hunt for mini-beasts, play in the mud kitchen, or we can use the log circle to tell stories or for Circle Time. There are lots of opportunities for learning new words."


"We make sure that books are clearly on display and within reach of children in each of our Nursery rooms, from the baby room (Caterpillars) right through to pre-school (Ladybirds). During free play times, children can access books whenever they want to, and we also make sure we schedule time each day for the children to hear a story and look through books by themselves. It's a great way to wind-down after a busy activity."


"When we are starting a new topic, we like to pick some key words from our planning that might be new for the children. We are careful to introduce a couple of words at a time, and repeat them during different activities. We use visual clues like flashcards too, and put the words up in our displays, so that the children get used to seeing and hearing the words."


So there you have it, lots of ways our Nursery could help your child to develop their speaking skills. If you would like to find out more, or to book a visit to our nursery, please contact us today!



"Inspiring young minds"

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